Hello, it’s me, I get you. 

You’re in need of some serious word magic, right? 
Are you a sustainable brand? A conscious creator?
Or is your blog in need of mindful health and wellness content? Fitness tips, meal ideas, meditation, yoga or mental health hacks and everything in-between? 


You’ve found the right greenie-healthnut-yogi-lover of language! 

Here’s how I’d like to work with you. 

1. I’m your digital journalist who can research, report, interview and write editorials for your publication.

2. I’m the copywriter for your eco-friendly brand or wellness website, who can present information along with products and helpful articles, in an engaging and informative way.

3. I’m your blog and social media content creator and manager, for your conscious brand, business or self! 

4. I’m your sustainability and all round wellbeing writer with a heart bursting full of passion.


Do you know your business is well deserving for success in the sustainability, health and wellness industries, because you have something extraordinary to offer or share with the world?

Do you have a great idea but are stuck on how to give it the wings to take off? 

Do you need some fresh and appealing Instagram content?

As amazing as you are, you don’t exactly know how to turn your idea into valuable customers, right?

Your blog is mediocre (and not making you any money), and deep inside you know there is a large number of people who will love your idea. 

But, they haven’t found you yet. 


That’s where I come into play. 

I focus on building your idea to keep it going and growing. 
I love to work with eco-conscious brands, health and wellness publications, websites, and mindful social media influencers. 

My dedication to bring a healthy change to our Earth and the people on it, starts with you…
with the help of me!