Hey! I’m Lara Maier.

I’m a freelance writer, researcher and content creator living in the seaside town of Esperance, Western Australia.

Also, I’m fluent in German and a real perfectionist. 


I specialise in

  • article and blog writing
  • copywriting
  • emails and
  • social media content creation, strategies and management 

for environmentally sustainable businesses, health & wellness sites, publications, blogs and solo influencers alike

My passion is in sharing something that really matters.

I study environmental sustainability, am a health and wellness junkie and enjoy making conscious connections.
I have a particular interest in mental health, food as nourishment, and go nuts for anything plastic-free.
When I’m not scribbling away in my notepad, you’ll find me by the ocean, sipping a warm cup of Bonsoy, or playing at the Gym. 


Writing is both my avocation and my vocation.

I love what I do and the playfulness I can bring with it.
I thrive on stepping into another’s shoes and writing in a way that will really hit them in the feels.  

Throughout my work, I stay authentic and original — producing fresh, well written and engaging content that works. 


Interested in the non-professional Lara? Feel free to check out my personal blog. (Or we can have a heart-to-heart here).  
A free space for me to write from the heart.
On the blog, I like to write in a way that allows readers to find their own interpretations.
Limiting no ideas — instead, developing infinite new ones.
I love that
 ambiguity can lead to endless ideas and perspectives. This fuels my passion for writing — when done well, it’s pretty darn powerful